Thursday, August 30, 2012


Here is the eulogy from whiffle ball.

Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Green Bay Packer Prediction

It is that time of year again.  Time for your Packer predictions.  Whomever guesses closest to the actual record for the Packers will get an Oakland Gyro, extra pita and a large rootbeer.  Leave your predictions as a comment.
Oh and my prediction.  Well that is pretty easy.  I think they are going to be better than last year.  16-0.  Book it.

Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Wiffle Ball

This past weekend I played wiffleball at my high school buddy, Mike Braun's parent's house.  We have been playing this wiffleball tournament for 6 or 7 years now.  Here are some photos from the day.  Back when Mike and his brother's were kids and Thruman Munson died, they buried that baseball card in the woods behind the house.  And now ever year we bury another card of a professional athlete that has died over that past year.  This year it was Harmon Killebrew.  Here is Joe, digging the grave.
 Other tombstones in the woods.
 The first pitch thrown by Bob, my old college roommate.  We even had the national anthem played.
 Bob at the plate.
 Mike at the plate.
 Joe, playing with a cigar in his mouth.
 Bill, who was the home run derby champion with 10 dingers.
 Mike throwing the every bat that we had.

Monday, August 27, 2012

Taking One For The Team

This past Friday I played in a kickball tournament in Richfield.  Last year my team played in the same tournament and won the whole thing.  We went back for the repeat.  It was 8 teams, single elimination.  Our first two games we won by the score of 11-1 in each game or something like that.  But the championship game was much closer.  I came up to bat in the 5th inning with no outs and our team up 2-1.  I made it safely to 1st base on a kick to left field.  I should have stretched it into a double but I played it safe since there weren't any outs.  The next batter kicked into a fielder's choice and as I was running to second base, I knew it was going to be a close play.  As you may recall a couple of weeks ago, I suffered an abrasion on my lower left leg.  And it had just finally healed.  Like I said it was going to be a close play, and knowing how scarce runs were, I had to slide.  I made it into second safely but paid the price.  This is the price.
  Unfortunately the next batter kicked it right to the 3rd base man and I ended up being a force out at 3rd.  We did end up winning the tournament with a final score of 2-1.

Tuesday, August 21, 2012


Here is a picture that my neighbor gave me just the other day from the Freeman Party.

Monday, August 20, 2012

What Would You Do

On Friday I had nothing planned.  I got home from work, went for a bike ride (this time without falling off) then cut the grass.  I was just about to bake a pizza when I noticed I had a voicemail.  It was from Nate.  I was just about to cut open the plastic on the pizza when I thought to myself, there is a good chance that after I hear this voicemail I will be eating somewhere else.  Sure enough, Nate had an extra ticket to the Brewer game.  Two of Nate's friends, Jeremy and Brian were in town and also going to the game.  Jeremy and Brian were running late and Nate had to work until game time.  Nate left a ticket for me at will call and the plan was to just meet everyone in the seats.  As is always the case, I brought a flask in with me.  I ordered up a medium coke and went to the bathroom to mix my drink.  I always go into a stall to mix my drink, but I don't always flush the toilet when I go in.  I was a bit irritated because I like the stalls that have a flat top to the toilet paper dispencer, which is handing for putting things while mixing the drink.  I put the cap from my flask in my mouth as I mixed my drink.  I went to put the cap back on and of course I dropped it into the toilet.  I froze.  What do I do?  I still had enough Captain Morgans in the flask for 2 more drinks.  And I couldn't add any more to my drink.  Then I remembered back to my friend, Josh.  We were in the bathroom, me, Nate, Josh and Josh's son, Osbourne.  I was using the urinal, Josh and Osbourne, were in the stall and I heard, "Oh no, buddy." Then a splash. Osbourne had dropped a matchbox car into the toilet. Josh opened the door, rolled up his sleeve and then said, "I am going in."  Here Josh diving in.
As I said, I didn't flush the toilet before I went into the stall.  Yes, very disgusting.  I did wash it off in the sink, but then again it was a flask so there was some alcohol.  Which leads me to this questions, what would you do?
Would you have gone in after the flask cap?
No, that is gross.
You need help. I recommend AA.

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Saturday, August 18, 2012

Just Like Riding A Bike

Well it has been a while since my last posting.  But seriously, there hasn't been much going on.  And after you read this post I am sure you will agree.  In a never ending attempt to stay in shape, I still try to get out a bike 4 or 5 times a week.  My normal route is from my house, down Bluemound and then around Miller Park and back.  It is about 7 miles and it normally takes me about 25 minutes.  Wednesday evening I was out for a ride and it was around 7 as people were heading into the game.  I was biking up the hill towards Bluemound and the chain on my bike caught.  I was standing up at that time.  Of course when the chain got caught everything stopped except my momentum which took me right over the handle bars.  Thankfully there were no major injuries, just a couple bruises and scraps on my elbow and knee.  But yes, I am 39 and I just fell off my bike.

Friday, August 10, 2012

Crosby Stills and Nash

Sunday Night I went to the Crosby Stills and Nash concert.  It was a great show.  Although there was one thing that disappointed me a little.  They were talking between songs and the topic of the Sikh Temple shooting came up.  And instead of going into the song "Ohio" they played a new song.  There were no cameras or video camera allowed.  But during the final song, I did run some video on "Suite Judy Blue Eyes".

Wednesday, August 08, 2012

Leg Healing

This was from last week.  Every morning I would tape some gauze to my leg to keep my dress pants from getting wrecked.  Here is what it looked like when I pulled it off after work.

Monday, August 06, 2012

Borky's Birthday

Borky's wife, Liz, put a lot of work into the party.  She had a bunch of games and prizes arranged for the party.  Here is Borky playing Rock Paper Scissors with his mom.
 Another game was a sing off with Borky.  Krum and Borky.
 Marty was my co-master of ceremony.
 Amy and Borky in a Dance off.
 Marty Moose sneaking off stage.
 Kelly and K Mart playing tippy cup.
 The night ended back at Borky's house.  Nate and Liz.
 Borky Nate and Liz.
 We had the garage door opened a little bit to get something of a breeze to blow through.  It was around 4 in the morning and we hear this voice.  "Are you guys still up?"  It was Borky's neighbor checking things out.

Miles Trouper

This past weekend I was up in Minnesota for Borky's 40th Birthday party.  Friday night I stayed at my friends, Trouper and Kristin's house.  They just adopted a son a couple months ago.  Here are some pictures of Miles.

 As far as I know, I am the person who invented the child Heisman Trophy pose.  Here it is.