Saturday, September 30, 2006

Whitewater Game

Well I talked a lot about the game. And it was a great time. Sort of a blow out, Whitewater won 34-0. Here are some pictures from the day.
Here I am doing a double beer bong. Not to be out done, my aunt, Marilyn, wanted to do a beer bong as well. What a trooper.
After enough yelling from the stands I finally got Mike to turn around and smile.The Mike Sherman fan club.My cousin, Kim, implying that she is going to keep an eye on me. Good Luck.Mike on the kick off return team.That is Mike number "73" in the middle of the huddle.Mike after the game, just happy to see me.Mike and my aunt.That would be me, my air horn, my woobie and Mike. The hobbled warrior leaves the field.On a side note from the whole football game. Last night was my nephew, Zack's, birthday party. I was unable to attend mainly because I didn't want to drive the 5 hours again for the second week in a row. But my aunt and uncle were at the party. Knowing that my aunt and uncle would be at the party, and that they would also see me today. My mom made me some peanut butter cookies. I would like to say that these are the best cookies in the whole world. Anyhow, my mom made the cookies for me, and gave them to my aunt to give to me today. As the story goes, my brothers groaned a bit when my mom gave the cookies to my aunt and said that they were for me. I guess that my brothers were implying that maybe they are worthy of getting some cookies. I really only have two things to say to my brothers: #1.) They are really good. #2.) Screw you.

Odd Ramblings

I know that their is one person out there who doesn't like my odd ramblings but too bad. First let me get my pick of the week out of the way. I am picking the Atlanta Falcons to win this weekend. But again their cheerleader web site isn't very good so here is your cheerleader for this week.

These girls are from Tampa Bay, and we all know they aren't going to go too far this year, unless someone has a spare spleen for Chris Simms.

Last night I helped my good friend, Krum, move into his new condo. It is a pretty sweet pad. Oh and I think it is pretty well documented how I have some major shoulder problems. I.E. both of my shoulders pop out of socket at any time performing the most pederstiran of tasks. Last night Krum went to grab a cart and I was trying to hold open the elevator and a door which were about 8 feet apart with my leg and arm at the same time. And then pop out came my shoulder. I was holding a door. Sad. Anyhow check out the photos.
Let me see what else is there. Again, today or this morning I am headed to Eau Claire for my cousin's football game. The brats are boiling for the tailgating as I type.

Here is one for you. The best show on TV, is the group from Dunder Mifflin. Yep it is The Office. With My Name is Earl running a close second. Now I really don't watch that much TV. But that is my opinion. I do think if you have ever worked in the office you have a greater appreciation for the show. And I actually have only seen about 5 or 6 episodes. I might have to go and rent the first two seaons one of these days. My brothers think it is stupid. But I am thinking they are on board with "Men in Trees", that is a joke since two of my brothers are tree trimmers.

And it has been a long time since I have put up the picture of the day. And believe it or not but I still have a butt load of pictures of myself from the past. This one was taken October 21st, 2003 in Waukesha, Wisconsin. It was at my nephew, Nick's birthday party. Me flexing with the Hulk Hands. Yes that is an orange shirt.

Friday, September 29, 2006

Doctor Davies, Report to Surgery

I know I have been pretty bad about getting stuff up on my blog. But really there isn't much going on with my life, especially during the week. Wednesday I wanted to change that. After work, I went and worked out and then I was headed over by Borky to play some ping pong. After playing Borky until he just flat out quit, I decided to stop by my good ole buddy Krum to see what he is up to. He lives maybe a mile from Borky, so while in the neighborhood, why not stop. Plus Krum always has something going on, and it is usually a production. I walk in the door and Krum has a bandage on his head. As the story goes, some guy dug his tooth into Krum's eye brow while they were playing football. And this gash required a medical procedure to close. Krum is currently running his own business and therefore his health insurance is not existent. So rather than actually going to a hospital, Krum called his ex-girlfriend,Patty, who is in her residency for medical school and set up an appointment for that evening. Patty told us to run to Walgreens and grab some syringes and etc for the minor surgery then we went to her house. I was more than happy to assist in the procedure and make photographic documentation. While I didn't feel to bad for Krum about needing the stitches, I did feel sorry for him at one point during the evening. As I mentioned, Patty is Krum's ex-girlfriend, at one point while she was literally sticking the needle into Krum's head she was talking about their relationship and how Krum had broke her heart. That is a pretty uncomfortable chair to be sitting. Regardless it was fun to be there and witness the whole thing. So here are some pictures.

Krum with his bandage and pain killers.

Me assisting Patty. I take this surgery thing pretty seriously.
Krum getting a shot.
Krum taking a different kind of shot.Stitch number one. Please note the needle nose pliers that were probably taken from a tackle box.I am going to my cousin's football game this weekend, at UW Whitewater plays at UW Eau Claire. As you may remember the last game the last Whitewater football game I went to, I got thrown out of. Lets hope things go a little better Saturday. Either way there will be pictures.

Sunday, September 24, 2006

Weekend Update

My weekend really couldn't have gone much better. Friday I got back home and met up with Jay and we went to Oakland Gyros for dinner. Fantastic. I was so happy to go there. Then later that evening, we went over to Nate's. Justus and Eric met us there. Justus has been shooting his mouth off raving about his ping pong skills. I quickly shut him up. I would say over the course of the evening I must have played Nate and Justus a combined 20 games. Of the two, only Nate was able to manage to beat me once. As I told Nate that night, his mom might have bought that table for him, but I still own it. That is until Krum comes to town. Nate, Eric and I went to a bar around 1 in the morning to play some darts. I would like to again mention to Nate what a fabulous idea it was to get a pitcher of beer 15 minutes before bar time. Saturday morning, I was up pretty early and got my lawn cut. That was a major accomplishment for the weekend that I didn't think I was going to get in. Then I went to my nephew, Nick's and then my nephew, Ethan's soccer games. After those games I went to my parent's house for their party. I got to watch the Badgers lose and then I was able to get in a good hour or two of sheepshead in. Around 5:30 I left to go to my friend, Pretzel's, wedding. Pretzel and I played volleyball together a while ago. And we have done a couple triathlons together in the past. Now we just run the Bastille Days run. And other than her wedding that is unfortunately the only time I get to see her. I left that wedding shortly after dinner and went to my friend, Rebecca's cousin, Abby's wedding. At one point in the reception, just before the first dance, Abby grabbed the microphone and sang to her new husband, Chris. From what I was told, Abby tried to sing during the service but couldn't stop crying. I always tell people it is OK for the couple getting married to cry during the service. You know that they mean it then. Anyhow, now that Abby had a couple of drinks in her, she was a little more composed and it was absolutely amazing. Abby is a great singer. In a room of 250 people, you could have heard a pin drop while she was singing. Without a doubt that performance would have won American Idol. One of the coolest things I have seen at a wedding reception. Way better than any singing performance I have ever given. Sunday on my way back up to Minnesota, I stopped by the General, Topher and Diane. We went out for breakfast. Here was the highlight of my day. We were sitting in a booth, Diane and Topher one side, and the General and I on the other. While we were waiting for our food, a waitress passed by and comment on how cute Topher was. Topher has blue eyes and has grown out some blonde hair. I said to the waitress, "Can you tell which one of us is the father?" The waitress said to me "Are you kidding, he looks just like you." Well here are some photos.
Pickle in action. He had better be good, his parents have a combined 6 years of varsity soccer experience. Auggie with his game face. Nick posing for his soccer picture. Ethan after his hard fought loss to an all girls team. Pretzel and Erin. Ness, Butch, Rebecca and Angela. Abby and Rebecca. Abby singing, so cool.
Ness and I dancing. I told her she was the fourth best dancer out there.Rebecca and Chris.The big dip with Ness.Here are dancers, numbers 1, 2 and 3. The one girl just kept on wanting to dance with me.
The General, with Topher.Diane and Topher.

Thursday, September 21, 2006

Survivor League

This week I am picking Miami. But their web site does allow you to down load pictures. And since I probably will not be picking the Houston Texans this year. Here are a couple of their cheerleaders.

Wednesday, September 20, 2006


Nothing too new and crazy up here. But I thought I would share some pictures with you. Here is a deer that was in the middle of the road on my way to work this morning.When I got to my bridge this morning, the fog/steam was just lifting off of the river. I wish I had got on site another 20 minutes earlier. But this still turned out to be a pretty cool shot.
I will be sure to get a couple good photos in over the next couple of weeks with the leaves turning colors from this vantage point looking out of the St. Croix looking towards Minnesota. I will be back home to Milwaukee this weekend. So far, I am planning on maybe running into The General in Madison on my drive home. This is all dependent on what time I am able to leave work and the fact that there is only 30% chance that The General will answer his cell phone. I also might try to meet up with Preston in the Dells. He is there for a bachelor party. That will depend upon what time I am driving through. However my big plan for Friday night is to beat Nate in ping pong at his place. Saturday, I am going to two of my nephew's soccer games. Then my parents are having their summer party. I have to leave that a little early around 5 or 6 to go to my friend, Pretzel's, wedding. Then I am going to crash Rebecca's cousin's wedding at the end of the night to meet up with Chris and Rebecca. Sunday I am planning on catching some of the Packer game and then heading back up to Minnesota. Oh and I also want to cut the grass and do some yard work around my house in that time as well. Good luck.

Sunday, September 17, 2006

Camping on the Mississippi

I was camping this weekend on the Mississippi. Nate sets up the trip every year for the last 5 years. And something has always come up and I haven't been able to make it in the past. But after going this year. I will make it a point to go every year from now on. Their were 8 of us, Nate, Eric, Jay, Joe, Borky, Tim, Bob and myself. We camp out on an island in the middle of the Mississippi River. It is great because there is no one around to bother you and you don't bother anyone else. The weather wasn't the greatest, but we dealt with some rain and a lot of wind. Still it was a lot of fun. Here are some pictures.

Nate and Jay trying to untangle Jay's drop line from the prop on Nate's boat. Jay did eventually catch something on the drop line. A turtle. But that was Sunday morning when we were leaving, after I had all of my stuff including my camera back at the boat launch.

Here is Jay retreating back up to camp after firing a potato at a barge with the potato gun. We had three guns, but there were igniter problems. We did still get quite a few rounds off. And came close to hitting this barge. Probably within ten feet. Just good clean fun.
We went deep into the woods of the island and knocked over some trees for fire wood. Jay, Nate and I pushed over one tree. Here we are, Nate, Bob and I towing the trees back to our camp site. This actually worked out really well.
This is cutting up the wood and hauling it up to the camp site.
This is the view looking south from our camp site.
Here is our camp site.
I know that this is going to sound crazy to some of you. And if I told you this story, I doubt you would believe me. That is why I am happy I got this picture. I was at the campsite and just looking out on the river. And out of nowhere this thing comes up out of the water. I don't know what it was, but I had never seen anything like it before in my life. I realize that Scotland is a long ways away. But I now believe in the Loch Ness Monster and I believe that something of that sort is living in the Mississippi. I will tell you this, I didn't go back in the water. No one else that was camping with me believed me either. But look at the picture and tell me what you think it was.
Borky with the potato gun.
Even though we were on a sand bar. We weren't the first ones to camp there. This is what I found to be the best foot ware for around the camp site. Duct tape shoes.
I know this picture didn't turn out too well. But the is the group, me, Jay, Borky, Tim, Eric, Bob, Nate and Joe.
Steaks cooking over the fire Saturday night.
This was the view out my tent looking west back home to the state of Minnesota.