Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Mexico Review and Justus is NOT a Deadbeat

First things first. Justus has paid up. In my book at least, he is no longer a deadbeat.
Now on to my Mexican vacation. I went there with, my friend, Chris, and his wife, Rebecca. I met Chris when I was in high school. We worked together doing construction on boat piers. Rebecca's younger sister, Vanessa also made the trip as well as another couple that Chris and Rebecca know, Jen and Joe (but just for the last 4 days). It was a week in Mexico staying at a resort called the Palladium. I really liked the resort. The weather was great. Mostly sunny every day with highs between 85 and 90 degrees. It was one of better vacations I can recall being on, with only one complaint and one fairly major moment of lack of proper judgement. First the complaint. On the last night in Mexico we all went out for dinner which was fine, and then went to one of the lobby bars to see a band. Later in the evening as we were leaving to head back to the rooms, we went by the main theater and they were having a karyoke contest. I got into the contest late so I only saw two or three of the other performers. I did an Elvis song, but I didn't just sing the song, I performed it. They had a cordless microphone so I was jumping off the stage and singing in the crowd. From what I was told from Chris and Rebecca, it was quite the sight. Not to mention performing a couple of the karate moves that Elvis was famous for, when I was back up on stage. And I lost to a girl who just stood on the stage and read the words off of the monitor without even making any real eye contact to the crowd. In fact I didn't even make it to the final 4 or 5. Now I know I can't sing, never said I could, but stage presence has to count for something. I got screwed.
Before I get into the pictures, I would like to warn you that I am shirtless in a number of these pictures. I know that Tree would rather me not post pictures of myself without a shirt. He never gave me a reason, I am assuming that they either get him worked up, or jealous. Either way here are some of the picture.
This was at the airport, Vanessa and I were in the last row of the plane, so when we went to get on the bus that takes you from the plane to the terminal, there wasn't any room and we got to sit up front with the driver.
Here is Chris, Rebecca, Vanessa and I waiting for our luggage. More or an ordeal than it should have been.This is Vanessa and I after dinner one of the first nights. We are only a good looking couple because she is in the picture.
Here are our cabanas. Mine was the closest one.
Chris passed out on one of the sun chairs pool side.A couple of us took salsa lessons pool side. Chris ended up being the instructor's partner. But unfortunately for her, Chris can't dance to anything but Bluegrass music. But she was a good sport about it.
Here are Chris and Rebecca at the beach.
Me and Rebecca on our way to dinner.
Chris and Rebecca with our cabanas in the back ground.
The only shower in our cabanas was outside. Across the waterway from our cabana's was a larger 3 story complex. The upper story had a pretty good view of everything going on in the shower. One night I busted a girl sneaking a peak of me across the way not once but twice. She must have been impressed with what she saw. Anyhow, here I am with Vanessa in the shower. I know, some pretty hot stuff. Vanessa thinks this should merit Christmas card consideration. I am not so sure.
Me, Vanessa, Rebecca and Chris at one of the swim up bars.
The four of us in the bed in one of the cabanas. I actually had a very difficult time sleeping down there. The first three nights, I don't think I got more than an hour or two of sleep on any night. By the end of the trip I was finally sleeping about 4 hours a night. Still not enough, but beggars can't be choosers.
This trip has made me become more of a metrosexual. Before the trip I was tanning, and that then caused me to start using body lotion because my skin was drying out. After Vanessa and Rebecca went to the Spa for massages and mentioned how great they were, Chris and I decided to each go and get our own massages. It was fantastic. So much so, that I might need to start budgeting for a massage every 2 weeks. Here I am with my masseuse, I don't think she is much more than an inch over 4 feet tall. None the less, she gave a great massage, no happy ending however.
Here is the one mistake that I made while in Mexico and it is kind of a big one. One night Chris, Rebecca, Vanessa and I took a taxi into Playa Del Carmen for the evening. I was drinking a little too much. I am going to blame this on the Tequila. I ended up getting a tattoo. And not a very good one either, maybe that is why I only had to pay $50 for it. I guess the best way to describe it is a naked mermaid with wings. Chris told me the next day that he did everything he could to talk me out of it but I was highly persistent to the point where I pushed him down in the street. I don't remember any of that. But now I do have a big tattoo on my right bicep. Wow, what a bad tattoo. I have decided to call her, Lupe.
Here I am one day at the pool sending out the vibe. Our group had a drinking game where every time I was flexing, everyone had to drink. So there was a lot of drinking going on.
Vanessa and I in one of the love seats in the pool. You might not be able to tell that I am flexing but Vanessa sure is.
Here is one of my favorite things to do. This group asked me to take a picture of them. So I did. Then I asked them if I could get a picture with them. They said sure. In fact look at these guys, I have never seen a happier group of people. I have no idea who any of them are, or where they are from. But they sure thought I was something else.
One day Chris, Joe and I went snorkeling. This was actually a lot of fun. The key is to wear the life jackets. It makes it so much easier. Plus if you take a crushed hot dog bun out into the water, the fish just swarm you. Pretty cool. But you look like a group of dorks out of the water.
At the Spa they have an infinity pool, where it looks like the pool doesn't end. I call this my Jesus picture because it looks like I am walking on water. This picture was a lot hard to get than you think. It was right after my massage and my feet were all oily. And there wasn't much of a wall to stand on at the end. I fell in a number of times before getting this picture.
Here is something that I couldn't figure out. How come they made the water fountain in the bathroom so low? I have no idea, plus the water that came out tasted a little funky.
Half way through the trip while I was having such a problem sleeping, I realized that if I couldn't sleep that I should run down to the beach and get some sunrise pictures. I was down there the last 4 mornings. It is always cool to see a sunrise or set over the ocean. So here I am, this picture was taken with a timer and was the only one I took with me in it that turned out. At least on this day.
As you may have seen from the pictures of the cabanas, there was a waterway, and whenever possible we would catch a pontoon boat from the lobby to the restaurants. This is one of the trips to dinner. I was told before the trip that we would only be dressing up once or twice. I brought one pair of pants and two shirts. As it turned out, we were somehow upgraded and were able to book reservations every night for dinner at one 8 or 9 restaurants within the resort, rather than eating at the buffet. But there was a dress code at the restaurants for men, pants and dress shirts required. So I pretty much wore the same thing every night.
I had some bad luck with the resort sponsored events. I lost in ping pong. I lost at karyoke, which I already complained about. I still think I got hosed. There was an iron man competition that I lost. (No way the timer did that right either) And a beer slamming contest that I also lost. The resort had two main pools where the games were and kids were welcome there. Then there were 5 or 6 more adult only pools which were smaller but also had bars. Normally we would end the afternoon at the adult pool by our cabanas. On 2 or 3 of the nights I started a beer slamming contest of our own, every hour on the hour from about 3 until 6 in the evening. Chris and I were always finishing in first or second. Here are links to some video of the events. Beer Slam. (I won) Shot slamming. (Vanessa won).
This is Vanessa and I dancing. This was on the last night. I know Vanessa is going to read this, so I don't want her head to get too big here. But it will anyhow. Vanessa is a good dancer. In the past we have practiced and messed around with attempting to do a flip on the dance floor but never did it. Well on this night we actually accomplished it. Here is the video. Don't bother watching the whole video, just the first 20 or 30 seconds. But it is still pretty cool.
Here is a group picture on the last night. Chris, Rebecca, Jen, Joe, Vanessa and me.
It was just a great vacation. And now that I am back in snowy Minnesota, I am ready to head right back down to Mexico again. I would definitely go back again.

Friday, February 16, 2007

3 Days and Justus is a Deadbeat

Well kids it has been fun doing the count down to Mexico with you, but unfortunately it is going to have stop at just 3 days. I am headed back home to Milwaukee today. And I doubt that I will have much internet access the remainder of the weekend. I will also be on a much needed vacation for the next 9 or 10 days. If you are a loyal reader don't bother coming back until Feb 27th of 28th.

My weekend plans aren't much more than beating Nate in ping pong tonight. Saturday, I am hanging out with my brother, Jon's inlaws. Tony is back in town, and I will most likely get some sheepshead in Saturday night. Sunday there isn't much planned other than waiting for Monday morning and meeting Chris, Rebecca and Vanessa for Mexico. So I hope all of you suckers enjoy the crappy weather next week, while I will be laying on the beach in 85 degree weather.

Wednesday, February 14, 2007

4 Days and Justus is a Deadbeat

Yes that is right, 4 days until I am in Mexico and those days can't go quick enough. Also Justus is a deadbeat, and shows no sign of paying. If anyone has ideas on how I can begin to leverage him to pay, I am all ears. I would think that the threat of four flat tires would be a good start. I will be back in Wisconsin this weekend. And I really don't have much planned until Monday morning. Idle hands are the devils workshop. Justus consider yourself warned.

Last night I went to see "Smokin' Aces". It looked good from the previews and I am a fan of Jeremy Piven. But I will have to call this movie a let down. On a scale of 1-10 it is a 4. I would characterize the movie as a cross between the movie "Snatch" and an episode of "Three's Company". The movie is fast with a lot of characters and ties together in a dumb way at the end.

I can remember when I used to sneak in a 6 pack of Taco Bell tacos and a 6 pack of beer to the movies. Now I am carrying in bottled water, a banana and a package of Nutter Butters. My how things have changed.

Yesterday was Valentines day. The day / night for lovers. That being said I thought I would do a poll in regards to my reader's libido.
Did you get lucky on Valentine's day night?
Of course, didn't you hear the fireworks going off.
No, I was sleeping on the couch.
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And finally on to my current favorite reader, Ms. Anonymous. You have peaked the interest of my other readers, registering not only the most lopsided poll, but also the most voted upon poll. I have a feeling that despite public demand you still will not relinquish a picture. Which is too bad because no one, especially Tree, wants to see more pictures of myself.

Tuesday, February 13, 2007

5 Days and Justus is a Deadbeat

Hey Happy Valentines Day to everyone. I don't have anything at all planned for this day. Just work, then going to the health club, get a quick tan in and maybe I will go and catch "Smoking Aces" this evening. Anyhow on to today's posting, this is a combination posting. First the picture of the day which will lead into today's story from the archives. This picture was taken May 24th 1991 in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. This is Krum and I at prom doing the shovel dance, which his dad , JFK, taught us. No, we didn't go together. I took the lovely Joy Gibbs and Krum took Julie Langgenger. Check out that mullet that I am sporting. Anyhow Krum and I doubled at Prom which leads to today's story.This goes back to the summer 1992. Krum and I went on a double date. To tell you the truth I honestly can not remember the name of either of the girls, but I know that they both lived in Milwaukee somewhere. Krum and I let the girls pick the movie that we were going to and they picked "A League of Their Own", it is pretty bad that I can remember the name of the movie and not the names of the girls. Anyhow at the end of the evening we were dropping off the girls. We dropped off my date first. I walked her up to the door and kissed her and then walked back to the car. I get in the back seat, because Krum's date was riding shotgun, and Krum says to me "Boy, that was fast." I don't recall me saying anything back. We pull up to Krum's date's house and they get out. As they are walking up to the house, I get out and jump in the front seat, ejected the CD from the stereo and before I could put in a new CD, Krum was already back at the car. To which I stated to Krum "And you said I was fast, what was that 5 seconds?" To which Krum replied back with something like "I would say 5 seconds maybe 4. What the hell?"

6 Days and Justus is a Deadbeat

Saturday night while I was in Colorado, Krum, Terry, Vanessa and I went to see the movie "Hannibal Rising". It was a pretty good movie. It helps explain the other movies. However I am getting sick of all of the prequels that have been coming out lately. The actor who played Hannibal Lector, Gaspard Ulliel, did a good job, because just looking at him freaks me out a little bit. He freaks me out to the point where I wouldn't want to be alone in the same room with him. The movie wasn't as scary as I thought it was going to be. You end up rooting for Hannibal by the middle of the movie. One part of the movie that bothered me, was when the "bad" guys were stuck in a cabin for what appears to be weeks. And they show the lead "bad" guy eating a game bird. But the bird hasn't been plucked or gutted. My question is if you have all of that time, wouldn't you pluck and gut the bird. I understand why they show the scene as they do, to demonstrate the barbaric nature of the "bad" guys, but it isn't very realistic. I wouldn't say the movie was worth the $9. But it was alright. I will give it a 5 out of 10.

Monday, February 12, 2007

Ms. Anonymous

I have been asked by a couple of my faithful blog readers who don't believe that you exist to request of you a picture that I can post on the blog. You can send it to my home email address which is: mitch_kumstean@yahoo.com

And just to prove that my readers want to get a look at you, here is a poll to justify this request.

Do you want to see a picture of Ms. Anonymous?
Yes, we don't believe she exists
No, it will only make me jealous.
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7 Days and Justus is a Deadbeat

7 days until I am in Mexico. I hope this week goes by fast. Last I checked the forecast calls for highs in the mid 80s and lows in the lower 70s. Sweet. I am pretty excited. And Justus is a deadbeat.

Colorado was great. I will call it some of the best skiing I have done out there. The conditions were great. No powder days but that is fine by me, because I don't ski all that well in powder. Friday we went to Keystone, it was Russ, Krum, Eric and I. We got in about 5 1/2 hours of skiing. Saturday the 4 of us went to Copper Mountain. Here is where I had my only real falls of the trip. On one run, I was following behind Russ and Krum was at my side. Russ pulled over and stopped, I was going to stop next to him, but then Krum cut me off and I tried to stop but couldn't. I narrowly missed Krum, went down lost a ski, dropped my poles, wrapped my arms to my body and slid at least 50 or 60 feet and stopped 3 or 4 feet from a tree at the edge of the run. I was happy with myself that my first instinct after losing my ski and realizing the recovery wasn't going to happen, was to get my arms in so that my shoulders stay in socket. Later in the day, I took diggers in the moguls on two consecutive runs. Sunday we were back to Keystone and Russ' old roommate Terry and his fiancee Vanessa went with us. We only went for 3 hours and then headed to the airport. I would have made my 4:10 flight without much time to spare, but it was delayed and I made it without a problem. I know in past postings, I said I would land a 360 if it killed me. But unfortunately I wasn't able to pull through with either promise. I am still alive and the entire time in skiing we really didn't make our way near any terrain parks to give it a shot. But the winter isn't over yet. Real quick I would like to thank Russ for letting me come out. Russ is always a great host and hooks me up with a place to stay and deals on lift tickets. I really appreciate the fact that he invites me out there. Especially since I would like to get back out there one more time this winter. I also want to thank my friend, Mana, who lives out there as well and made me a hat. It is the one I am sporting in my picture. Speaking of pictures here are the best of what were taken.

Here is Russ, he is a little camera shy. So this is also a close up picture of my skis. Which Russ and Eric tuned up for me Friday night. I hadn't had them sharpened or waxed in probably 2 years. What a difference finely tuned skis makes, even though the day after they were fixed I fell the most.

Here is Russ at Keystone taking a break.
This is just a cool shot of the mountains from the top of Keystone. This is off of one of the back lifts. Usually the back runs are less crowded. And we tended to stay towards the back everyday. Here is Krum taking a leak off of one of the runs at Keystone.
Krum, Russ and Eric getting ready for a day of skiing at Copper Mountain.Here I am at the top of one of the back bowls at Copper Mountain. In fact to get to where this picture was taken we had to hike up from where the lift dropped us off. It was about a 20 minute hike, and for about 19 minutes of that hike I thought my lungs were going to explode. Note the new hat, thanks Mana.Krum, Russ and Eric at the same spot. Here is Russ and Krum in the gondola back at Keystone on Sunday. 6 of us were in there, and we determined that we were well over the limit of 1020 pounds.
So that was Colorado. Now I would like to get on to my current favorite blog reader. I really don't know who she is, so I have been calling her Ms. Anonymous. Recently she has showered compliments down on me referring to my good looks which could be heavily debated for hours. Nonetheless she requested that I post pictures of friends for people to vote on in different categories. I have decided to somewhat honor this request. First I do not know how people could vote on which of my friends has the best personality because you would have to know all of my friends. The reason they are my friends is because I like their personalities. And I am not going to choose between my friends. It is sort of like picking your favorite child, they all have their own uniqueness. Some more unique than others. So I am not going to do a poll on that. She also requested a poll on careers. I did some thinking on this today. I went over in my head my friends and currently I don't think any of them beat me. I would be happy to debate this with any of them. But based on the amount of money I make (which will not be discussed), and more importantly based on work load, vacation, flexibility of work schedule and on the job stress, no one beats me. However, my position with my company may soon change.

Finally Ms. Anonymous wanted a poll on which of my friends was the best looking. I put some thought into this and wavered on if I should do this poll. I decided to make one just for fun but rather than a long list of my friends and their pictures, I thought I would only put up the two friends whom I have heard from other people time and time again about how good looking they are. So here you go.

Number 1 is Stu. Here he is on the right talking to the "Deadbeat".

Number 2 is Jay a.k.a "Jota". Here pretending to take a leak into a pitcher at a party.

And because this is my blog and I am sure I will end up in last place, I will throw myself in there as Number 3.

Who is the best looking?
The Elephant Man
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Wednesday, February 07, 2007

11 Days and Justus is a Deadbeat

I spoke with the deadbeat last night. He really didn't have much to say other than he knows that he owes me money and we haven't quite yet worked out a payment plan. After a couple minutes of small talk for some reason he put me on speaker phone and then said that he was busy and had to go. I would say that is weird, but I have known Justus for a long time, and to be honest there isn't a single thing that guy could do that would surprise me. I would have the same reaction if I learned he was joining a monastery or going to prison. In either case I would say "I can see that."

There was absolutely nothing special about my day yesterday. I went to my project. Everything was just fine there. I had a lunch meeting with two of my contractors. I came home and worked out at the health club. Once home I took some on line course for work and watched TV.

With all of that excitement I thought I would post another picture of the day. This picture was taken January 16th, 2004 in Breckenridge, Colorado. It is me and Krum. As you can guess from the picture this is the ski trip where I dislocated my shoulder. In fact this was the night of the day I injured myself. As I recall, I was dead set on skiing the next day because we were skiing Breckenridge which I had never skied at before. I was there with Krum, Russ and Tree. They all told me that if I could get myself dressed in the morning they would let me ski. I got dressed without a problem and skied the whole next day.I remember getting out of the hospital, the doctor had given me some drugs and told me the three things I could not do: No drinking, no hot tubs and no skiing. I did all 3 within 24 hours. This was the rest of our group in Breckenridge, they are all Krum and Russ' friends. Actually we had a pretty smart group of people with us. 2 nurses, 3 engineers and 2 doctors. The doctors came with all sorts of pain relieving drugs. The next night they gave me some muscle relaxers to help me with the pain and they thought I was going to die that night. It might have been the wrong combination of drugs and alcohol. At one point they came over to check on me and my lips were blue. But I survived and I am better for it. I think. Another reason for the posting of these pictures is that I am again headed out to Colorado this weekend with Krum and Eric. We are staying with Russ. After the pathetic runs at Granite Peak this past weekend, I am really excited for Colorado. Pictures and stories to follow.

Tuesday, February 06, 2007

12 Days and Justus is a Deadbeat

The top news story on the Minneapolis news was about a school that had a box in one of the science classrooms leaking mercury. They were going into great detail how the whole school was evacuated and that all evening they had the kids coming back to the school to get tested to see if their clothes or shoes were contaminated. My questions "Is this such a big deal?" I can recall being in science class in either 7th or 8th grade and we were going over all of the elements on the periodic chart. And they tried to have as many of the elements as possible on display. There was a beaker full of mercury. I can even remember pouring the mercury into our hands and actually playing with it. I turned out just fine. So why is a little bit of mercury dripping on the floor such a bit deal. Just mop it up and go on with the class.

I have never been one to shy away from the requests of my blog readers. I do this believe it or not because I value my readers and their opinions. Not to mention that coming up with new topics to write about can be difficult especially when your life isn't all that exciting. Recently an anonymous reader raised a couple questions. I thoguht I would field those.
"Who is your girlfriend?" As hard as it may seem to be, I do not currently have a girlfriend.
"What is my type?" That is a difficult one. I will admit, I am pretty superficial. So looks are important. Even though my body is falling apart I still would like someone who is athletic. If she could throw a football like a guy I would be really impressed. I still like going to concerts, so she would have to like to go to them as well. She would have to be outgoing. Knowing how I have been known to give the girlfriends of my friends and my brothers a hard time, she would have to be able to deal with the same coming back at her. I will call that quality "spunky". I don'tknow what you would call this, but this is an absolute requirement. I absolutely hate girls who shoot down an idea and then don't give an alternative. For instance I ask her what she wants to do and she says I don't care. They I say "Fine we will go to a movie." Then she says "I don't want to go to a movie." You either don't care, or you come up with a better idea. Please let me know if you want me to be more specific.
"Do I online date?" Sure, I will give anything a shot once. But to be honest, I am not really looking to get into anything too serious right now, especially since I know I will be moving to Appleton, Wisconsin in 3 months.

I am just wondering if this is the same person who set me up with "TBG"?





Monday, February 05, 2007

14 Days and Justus is a Dead Beat

It is 14 days until I will be in Cancun Mexico. The current difference in temperature between Minnesota and Cancun is 84 degrees. Minnesota is -2 and Cancun is 82. I don't think that I really need to say it, but I will anyhow. This weather is only getting me all the more anxious for the trip.

I will say this for the Super Bowl. It was entertaining. Not particularly a well played game. I was happy that the Colts won. I didn't want to see the Bears win. The party wasn't quite as well attended as I had hoped. It was Brown, his wife, Dorene and Kaker. But I am not going to complain. I know the last couple of times I have tried to get people together it hasn't worked out all that well. But as long as I get a good turnout for the Freeman party I will be happy. Here is my party in full swing.

Sunday, February 04, 2007

15 Days and Justus is a Deadbeat

It is Super Bowl Sunday. My big party is today. And with the weather in the Twin Cities area reaching a balmy -4 the number of attendees is dropping just like the temperature. But enough about today, let's talk about Friday and Saturday.

I was in Wausau skiing with Doug, Lisa, Jill, Amy and Eric. We got into Wausau around noon on Friday. I do have to say that the weather did suck all weekend. Unbelievably cold. But we powered through that, I guess we really didn't have much of a choice. I got out on the hill twice during the day on Friday and once that night. I was highly unimpressed with the ski hill. Granite Peak is nice and steep for the first 20 seconds of the run and then just flat. I did pull up short on my claim to pull off a 360. The jumps in the terrain parks just didn't seem too conducive for such maneuvers. At least I didn't think so. And all of the landings were very hard. I will have to make good on that claim next weekend in Colordao. Friday night was a great night for sitting in the condo and drinking and that is what we did. With 16 oz shot guns every hour from 10:00 p.m. until 2:00 p.m. Saturday ended up being a much more mellow day and night. It was also colder than Friday. Our breaks in the bar were much longer than our time out on the hill. Here are the pictures.

Doug and Lisa warming up in the bar. I was disappointed at the location of the bar at Granite Peak. At nearly every ski hill I have ever been to, the bar is always upstairs with a view of the hill. But not here. I was in the basement and you couldn't see the hill at all.

Here are Eric and Jill.Amy and I.This is Amy and Jill demonstrating Amy's favorite sexual position. Amy is the one who brought it up. She didn't know the name for it, so we termed it the "spork". I guess because it is sort of like spooning.This is the 1:00 a.m. shot gun of beer. I will give you one guess who won.Here I am not only celebrating my shot gunning beer victory, but also doing my best Lee Harvey Oswald getting shot by Jack Ruby impersonation at the same time.Oswald getting shot.Saturday afternoon on the hill in the chicken suit with Wausau in the background. Breathtaking.We couldn't find any dishwashing soap so it was decided upon to use regular dish soap but only fill the compartment half full. Apparently this did not work. For the record, I was not consulted on this decision.