Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Raspberry Shake

I have to be honest, I have had a lot of injuries over my life time.  Here is the latest.
This is called taking one for the team.  I got this Sunday night playing kickball.  Our team was up 6-1 and I was running from 1st to 2nd.  And the pitcher threw the ball at me and missed as I slid into 2nd.  I was safe but the umpire called me out.  There was no need to argue since we had a comfortable lead.  Which begs the question, "If you had a comfortable lead, then why slide?"  As Tom Cruise said in "Top Gun", "If you think, you are dead."  All instinct.  But it does stick to my bed sheet and pants as well as giving off some serious head.

Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Creepy Old Guy In The Neighborhood

Ever since I bought my house, I have had this idea of putting something in the attic window that looks out towards the street.  My original plan was to buy some sort Halloween mask with glowing LED lights for the eyes.  I never looked real hard for this mask with glowing eyes, but the idea has always been in the back of my head.
About a week ago I was sitting in the backyard and it struck me.  I had put the gargoyle that my parents gave me for my backyard, and I realized that it would be perfect for putting in the attic window.
I had a couple of old lights that I used to have in my living room.  I put a red light bulb in each.  I placed one on the floor and hung the other from the ceiling and here is the final result.
 This definitely puts me on the correct path to one day being the creepy old guy in the neighborhood.
Any thoughts?

Monday, July 23, 2012

Festa Fireworks

I know everyone loves my fireworks pictures, so I thought I would post one.  Every year, I bike down at least one night to the lake front to watch the Festa Italiana Fireworks.  They don't run quite as long as the big bang, but they are every bit as good.  
 The only draw back is the bike ride home.  It is sort of uphill the entire way.  But I made some stops for some more night time photos.  The 6th Street Via duct.
 And WE Energies from 6th Street.
And of course some video of the grand finale.

Monday, July 16, 2012


This past weekend I was mostly back home in Wales at the Summer Splash Festival.  I took part in a kickball tournament.  Friday night we headed down to the beer tent to see the "Boogie Men".  Here I am with the lead singer.

The kickball tournament was on Saturday.  We played 4 games.  The first we won 14-1.  The won run scored by the other team can be directly attributed to an error I made in the first inning.  The next game we won. 12-0.  Then somehow we managed to lose the 3rd game 6-5.  We still made it to the championship game and got a rematch against the team we lost to in the 3rd game.  It wasn't even close, we defeated them for the victory by a score of 14-2.  Here is a team photo.
 Satruday night we were back down at the beer tent for the "Sweettarts".  It looks like I am more of a drinker and Al is more of a dancer.
 Maya, Lisa, Steph, Leslie and Julie.

More Neil Diamond

More pictures and video of Neil in concert.

Friday, July 13, 2012

Neil Diamond

Sunday night I went down to see Neil Diamond at Summerfest with my friend, Liz.  It was a pretty good show.  He is old, 71 years young, but his voice still sounds pretty good.  And he has always been a performer.  I did do a little research and I was right when I said that he is on his third marriage.  I also did some research before the show and found his set list online.  Which leads to one of my favorite concert bits that I do.  If I know what the next song is, I start yelling for is before it starts and I look like a genius to the people around me.  For instance, "Play Shilo!!!!"  Here I am with my friend, Joyce, who I sat next to for most of the concert.
 Yes, we were pretty close to the stage.
Neil has entered the building.
Blue Jeans anyone?

Thursday, July 12, 2012

More DMB

Here is a DMB story for you.  We were about to head out from my house to meet my friend, Mick.  Shockingly we were running late.  I was going to grab some Gillies to eat and also needed to go to the store for some gatorade and ice.  In the interest of saving time, and since Stegall was also driving to Alpine Valley, I told Stegall to go to the store while I go to Gillies at I will meet him in the grocery store parking lot.  I pick up my food and drive to the grocery store parking lot, circle the whole thing and there is no Stegall.  My phone rings, "Dude, where are you, I am in the gas station parking lot right next to Gillies."  "Why are you there?  I told you to meet me in the grocery store parking lot?"  He didn't have a real good reason.  He drives back to the store to meet me and I walk over to his car and open the back.  No ice.  I open the side door.  No ice.  I ask him, "Where is the ice?"  "I knew I forgot something."  It is like dealing with Jessie Pinkman.  Unreal.

Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Monday, July 09, 2012

Dave Matthews

Here are some pictures and video from Dave Matthews this past weekend.  I managed to work some magic and got our group down in the General Admission pit seats right up front.  

Sunday, July 08, 2012

4th of July

The 4th of July is probably my favorite holiday.  As always, I go to my aunt and uncle's place on Lake Waterville.  I was suppose to bring fireworks as my dish to pass, but due to the weather I only brought a couple of fireworks that we didn't light off until much later in the night.  So I decided to bring a cake to the party.  It is a recipe I found on the internet for Boone's Farm cake.  And it was in fact the first cake that I have ever baked.  Here is the finished product.  That is suppose to be a firework, but it looks like more of a depiction of conception.
 It was a warm one.  Well over 100 in the early evening.
 The kids on the raft.

Monday, July 02, 2012

More Kids Jumping in the Pool

My brother had a pool party on Friday.  Here are some pictures.  This is a historic one here.  This is the last time I participate in a chicken fight.  My neck was so sore the next day...and we only played one round.
Here are a group of kids unsuccessfully trying to dunk me under the water.
Now on to kids jumping in to the pool and the biggest splash contest.  Bonesaw.


 Make eye contact Jake.
 Oh to be a kid again and be this happy just to jump into a pool.