Tuesday, November 30, 2010

When Will It Snow?

A very loyal blog reader phoned me this evening asking if today was the day of first snow. As with all of my contests, I am judge, jury and executioner. I will be the one who determines when the first snowfall is. And while there was some snow fall tonight, it didn't stick. The ground should turn white to be called a snowfall. It is kind of like the definition of pornography. When I see it I know it. It also looks like MKA will be the winner of the costume contest. I am a bit skeptical that there may have been some vote tampering. But I am going to let it slide.


How was your long weekend? I am guessing much like mine and was not nearly long enough. Here is a quick rundown of what my weekend entailed.
Wednesday I finished up with work and then stopped out at my parents’ house to fulfill my duties as the head boner. It was a down year at the Davies Deer Processing Company which was just fine with everyone. I think we did maybe 50 deer. That night I was out for a couple drinks with the Dillaber brothers, friends of my brother, Jon’s.
Thanksgiving day I was again at my parents’ house to celebrate the day. It was just a relaxing day with football, great food and some cards.
Friday I actually worked out in the morning and then was couch bound for college football the remainder of the day. Friday evening, I went to the Wave game where my niece, Sarah, was performing at half time. Here is a picture, Sarah is in the back row with the red top. Saturday was my final day of deer cutting. I am not a hunter but I do enjoy venison. I had my brother, Jeff, shoot me a deer. Here I am with my deer. I plan on printing this picture and putting it on the fridge so that whenever I have some of the venison, I know who I am eating. As you can tell from the picture I was sporting the Dirk Diggler facial hair. Saturday evening I got in some cards then headed to El Fuego for dinner with a big group including Truz and Julie who were up from Florida. We had 18 people, 9 of them kids. Somehow it was Truz’s birthday.Sunday I continued to sleep in late. It was with each passing day of the long weekend I slept in later by another 30 minutes each day. That became a hard habit to break Monday morning. I watched a tough Packer game. Then I got myself moving and tried to prepare for the upcoming weekend with a quick workout, some laundry and cleaning the house. So now it is a month until we have another long weekend.

Monday, November 29, 2010

Like Sand Through an Hour Glass.....

It has been an interesting football season. Especially if you are a Minnesota Vikings fan. If you don’t mind, I would like to review some of the events of the past year or so. This may sting a little bit.
August 18, 2009, Partly due to frustration with the development of quarterback Tavaris Jackson and the struggles of Sage Rosenfels, the Vikings signed Brett Favre for the 2009 season. Favre joined to the team after a controversial courtship which included Childress picking him up at the airport. "I am excited about the opportunity to join this football team," said Favre. "From ownership, to coaching to the players, it is evident that everyone in the Vikings organization is committed to bringing the fans of Minnesota a Championship. I am eager to join my new teammates and get to work towards that goal." Because Favre is a vested veteran, the $12 million contract is guaranteed for this season if he is on the opening day roster.

On November 19, 2009, the Vikings announced they would be extending Brad Childress's contract through the 2013 season. The owner Zygi Wilf was cited as saying, “Brad has done a tremendous job leading this football team and we value the positive environment he has created for the Minnesota Vikings on and off the field. He has continued to positively impact this team and create a strong foundation for future success." Financial terms weren't immediately available but the deal is believed to be between $4 million and $5 million a year.

January 24, 2010, The New Orleans Saints, are heading for their first Super Bowl. By battering Brett Favre and beating the Minnesota Vikings 31-28. There were nine fumbles and two interceptions, and the biggest mistake belonged to Favre. Flushed from the pocket in the final minute, he seemed to have room to run to set up a field goal. But hampered by a left leg injured in the third quarter, he threw cross-field and was intercepted. The Saints then won the coin toss and ended the game on a field goal 4:45 into OT. That finished off Minnesota's chance for its first Super Bowl trip in 33 years -- and opportunity to win it for the first time after four defeats. The Vikings have lost five straight NFC title games. "I've felt better," said Favre, who looked every bit his 40 years. "It was a physical game. A lot of hits."

August 17, 2010, Favre returned to the Minnesota Vikings after three teammates, Steve Hutchinson, Jared Allen and Ryan Longwell, flew to his Mississippi home to recruit him to play a 20th NFL season. Favre received his $3 million signing bonus when the new contract became official. He earned an additional $13 million in 2010 base salary, which became guaranteed once he was on the roster in Week 1 as a vested veteran. Favre also has the $4 million in incentives as part of the new deal. Favre said, "I owe it to this organization to give it one more try.”

October 5, 2010 The Vikings acquired wide receiver Randy Moss from the New England Patriots in exchange for the Vikings' third-round selection in the 2011 NFL Draft. “He can still go downtown and get the football, which is a stand-alone factor," Vikings coach Brad Childress said.

October 24, 2010, Brett Favre threw three second-half interceptions and the Packers beat the Vikings 28-24. "It's devastating," Favre said. "I don't know how else to put it. I take a lot of pride and ownership in all phases of the game. You've got the ball in your hand, you hope to win those. You just feel like you let everybody down."

On November 1, 2010, less than four weeks after being traded to Minnesota, Vikings head coach Brad Childress told Vikings players in a team meeting that Moss was going to be waived by the team, one day after he criticized Childress and teammates in a press conference following the Vikings' loss to the Patriots. Just before the press conference, Moss reportedly told team owner Zygi Wilf that Childress was unfit to coach in the NFL and should be fired. Childress did not consider consulting with team owner Zygi Wilf on this decision. Wilf reportedly considered firing Childress and keeping Moss, but Moss was officially waived the next day, November 2.

On November 21, 2010, Brett Favre looked ready for retirement, with six likely meaningless games now left for Minnesota in the epilogue of his 20-year career. Aaron Rodgers and Green Bay's swarming defense sure made it clear who's in charge of this Packers-Vikings rivalry right now. He beat Favre for the second time this season and sent Green Bay to a 31-3 victory over melting-down Minnesota. "This has got me at a loss for words," Favre began his post-game news conference. "Disappointing would be an understatement."

On November 22, 2010 Brad Childress is gone, one season after he famously picked up Brett Favre at the airport, got a contract extension and came within a field goal of reaching the Super Bowl. The Minnesota Vikings fired Childress on Monday, ending an eventful and often tumultuous run with the team marred recently by player unrest, livid fans and an angry boss over everything from his abrupt decisions to a 3-7 start. But don’t feel bad for Childress, he will still get paid $6.6 million dollars in 2011 and 2012.

I didn’t want to see Childress go. I was afraid that a new captain at the head of the Viking ship would steer them in the right direction. But the fact that with their season all but over, new coach Leslie Frazier is sticking with old #4 as his starting quarterback, instead of getting some quality playing time for quarterback in waiting, Tavaris Jackson, with live bullets, just means that the Vikings have picked the right man for the job. My advice to Vikings fans, “batten down the hatches, it looks like you are in for some rough seas.”

Tuesday, November 23, 2010


Yes, I have been a bit of a slacker on the blog lately. But I don't have much that is note worthy going on. In fact I was at my parent's house the other day and noticed their albino squirrel. So that is the most exciting thing I have to report. I will make it a point to get some blog worthy pictures this coming Thanksgiving weekend. As far as my plans. Wednesday evening I am cutting deer at my parent's house. I am sure everyone would like to see a picture of the head boner. I may get talked into a couple drinks after work. Thanksgiving I am picking Borky up from the airport. Cashing in on our Vikings / Packer wager, yes that is 2 cases of beer I believe. My Thanksgiving meal is still up in the air for me. But I do know this, I am going where my mom goes. Friday I am cancelling the football game with my nieces and nephews because of this cold weather. Friday evening, I am going to see my niece, Sarah, at half time of the Wave game. No, she isn't on the Wave, she is part of a dance routine that will be performing. Initially I was suppose to be her partner in this dance routine, but apparently I wasn't good enough, and I didn't even get a try out. Saturday I am planning on meeting up with Nate and his family as well as Truz and his family for dinner. That just about wraps up all of my excitement for the weekend. And here is that picture of the squirrel.

Thursday, November 18, 2010

Weekend Review

It was a very low key weekend for me. Friday night I played soccer with my old indoor team. We rent out a grade school gym and play just pick up games. It only took about 5 minutes to get that dry air burning feeling in my lungs. It was good to get the band back together and kick the ball around.
Saturday was highly unproductive. I went and worked out in the morning and then I nestled into my couch at 11:00 to start 11 hours of watching college football. I broke up the day with a trip to Panda Hut for some Chinese and then another quick trip to the grocery store in the evening. How about Bucky hanging 83 points on Indiana? It is looking more and more like my prediction of Wisconsin playing Boise State in the Fiesta Bowl might be a little off. If things continue on their current path, Wisconsin will be back in the Rose Bowl.
Sunday was Nate’s son, Elery’s, birthday party. It was a bowling party. Not a real big surprise that I took Nate down in bowling. Here is a little bit of free advice on how to be a hit at a kid’s birthday party. Buy whatever present you plan on giving the kid. Then go to a furniture store and get your hands on a recliner box. Buy some candy and some balloons. Put you present in the recliner box. Put the candy inside the balloons. Then fill the recliner box with the balloons. It is guaranteed to be the most popular gift. They opened my gift first and there were ten kids just ripping away at it. They got the box open, then started throwing the balloons up in the air. It took the kids about another 30 seconds to figure out that there was candy in the balloons. Then the kids started popping all of the balloons. It is quite the scene. Plus of all the gifts that the kids get, the big recliner box is the one thing they will play with the most over the remainder of the day.

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Due Date

I went to see Due Date starring Zack Galifianakis and Robert Downy Jr. In seeing the previews for this movie, it looked like Zack was playing the same Alanesque character from “The Hangover”, so I was all in. I am happy to report that he plays pretty much the same character. With that said, it isn’t so shocking that the plot of the movie is a combination of Planes Trains and Automobiles with The Hangover. I don’t laugh out loud at movies that often, but this movie had two laugh out loud moments. I think Robert Downy Jr gives a great performance. He plays a great uptight condescending jag. I will give this movie a rating of 7 out of 10. It is worth seeing in the movie theater.

Tuesday, November 16, 2010


I watched the video that I posted last week about the parallel parking debate. Thank you to all who voted in my favor. Really was there any doubt. I guess they don’t teach you how to count in Law School. Three things came to mind as I watched it.
#1. I need to lose some weight. I look pretty fat. Maybe it was the lighting in the basement. But I doubt it.
#2. I pause way too often by saying Aaaaaaaaaaaa. And while I am at it, are there any other critiques that you have? Moving my hands too much?
#3. Maybe I need to do a weekly video segment, if for no other reason than to work on my public speaking. I used to be much better at it, back when I was in college and gave campus tours. That was some easy money.
What do you think? Would you like to see more video of me talking about blog worthy issues? Maybe I could even do remotes.

Friday, November 12, 2010

A New Show to Watch

I have been tuning into a show called “The League” on FX. It is in it’s second season. The main premise of the show is about a group of guys in a fantasy football league. I know, no one likes to hear about other people’s fantasy football teams. But this show is more about the stupid bets, trophies and stunts played over the course of a season. I can sort of relate to the show to me and my friends. In fact there is one character on the show, Ruxin, who is exactly like The General, especially in the way he runs. And because it is on late at night, they allow swearing. Of course I can’t stay up late enough to watch it so I have to record it. I think it is even on demand. I suggest giving it a couple episodes and see if it grows on you.

Another show that I have been tuning in for is “The Event” on NBC. It is about some Extra-Terrestrials that save the President from being assassinated. And it is also about a girl who gets kidnapped. They have yet to tie the two stories together. I am intrigued by the show, but I am guessing in the end I am going to be disappointed with how it all comes together.

Thursday, November 11, 2010

Winter is in the Air

Continuing with the contest theme, here is another one for you. When will we have the first measureable snowfall in the Milwaukee area? By measureable snowfall, I mean that the ground turns white and only I will be the judge. Leave a comment with your date, the person who is closest to the actual date will receive an Oakland Gyro, extra pita and large rootbeer.

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Jack James Sherman

I was checking out facebook this evening, and I noticed that Katie had pictures of their new son up there. And since half of my readers are my family, and I don't know if they have seen pictures of Jack. I thought I would steal one and post it here. I am sure Katie and Justin won't mind. But I am sure you can tell by the picture, he is definitely a Sherman.

Costume Contest

Here are your entries to the Halloween costume contest. As I recall Borky won last year because he bought a bowling shirt and dyed his hair. Let’s see how he does this year. I am not including myself in the contest because I wore the same costume as last year. And if it didn’t win last year, it won’t win this year.
1st MKA as an Oompa Loompa.2nd Young as Super Mario.
3rd Trooper as a “One Night Stand”.
4th Eric as a coach. I love those shorts. I need to get a pair of those. Straight out of “Dazed and Confused”. 5th Borky as Alan from “The Hangover”.Please vote on who you think had the best costume. As always, the winner will receive an Oakland Gyro, extra pita and large rootbeer.
Who has the best costume
MKA, Oompa Loompa
Young, Super Mario
Trooper, One Night Stand
Eric, Coach
Borky, Alan
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Tuesday, November 09, 2010

Weekend Recap

Friday Night I joined a number of people in celebrating the union of Preston and Jessica in holy matrimony. Congratulations! I mentioned that evening that if the murder in my house had never happened, then I would have never bought the house, and most likely these two love birds would have never met. Think about that. The butterfly effect.

Saturday I spent 3 hours raking leaves in my yard. I still need half of the leaves on my maple tree in the backyard to drop. So I am unfortunately not done with the leaves. After yard work, I was couch bound to watch Bucky prevail in victory which vaulted them in the 7th place in the BCS Standings. If Bucky can manage to win out over, Indiana, Michigan and Northwestern, they are headed for a BCS Bowl Game. But as is everyone else, I am worried about that Michigan game. I am predicting that Wisconsin will meet Boise State in the Fiesta Bowl. Saturday evening I subbed for my brother in law on his bowling team. I bowled a 107, 80 and 110. I really stink at bowling. Although I did pick up the 10 pin for a spare left handed.

Sunday I took everyone’s money playing sheepshead while watching football. I also sent a number of texts tormenting Borky about their savior, Brett Favre. It is so great to watch the Vikings self destruct. As I look forward toward the rest of this season and into next, I see the Packers’ main competition will come from, if you can believe it, Detroit.

Seriously look at the Vikings. They are a ship lost a sea with a coach and quarterback fighting over who gets to steer. It appears that Jared Allen has tied up his last calf, because he flat out stinks. If they didn’t have Peterson, I could easily see this team without a win this season. Wait check that, they still would have beat the Cowboys. It looks inevitable, but I wish the Vikings wouldn’t fire Childress. I would love to see how bad it would get next year with Tavaris Jackson under center and Chili still dawning the headset. Dear Vikings, Can you please hire Wade Phillips to replace Childress?

The Bears, they are so bad that we don’t even consider them our biggest rival any more. Jay Cutler is over rated. I don’t know who is going to throw more interceptions, him or Favre. I don’t see the Bears doing much of anything with Lovie Smith and Cutler leading the team.

As for the Packer game Sunday night, not much can be said other than total domination. I think that was the performance everyone has been waiting to see out of the Packers. Then again, was it that Packers played that well, or that the Cowboys played that poorly?

Monday, November 08, 2010


Please watch the video. I think it explains things clearly enough and vote on the poll.

How many moves?
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Friday, November 05, 2010

Happy Birthday Lindsey

Happy Birthday to my niece, Lindsey, or Boomer as she is also known as. According to my records, she is turning 12 years old today.I can recall for the first three or four years of Boomer's life, whenever I would stop by she would start crying. And she wouldn't stop until I left. Good thing she got past that phase.Lindsey currently holds the title of arm wrestling champion of all my nieces and nephews. I think it is time for the boys to start pumping out some push ups to gain the title. And in all of the wrestling matches that I saw, Boomer didn't just barely win. It was a slam dunk, it was over before you could even blink. Happy Birthday Boomer.


This past weekend I was up in Minnesota. I stayed with the Borkys one night, Doug and Liquid another night, and K.O. & Trooper the last night. I got into town Friday and Borky and I went to a party that one of his wiffleball buddies was hosting. Borky and I had talked about doing a combination costume. But we didn't have any real great ideas. I also enlisted the help of my readers, but you weren't any help either. I decided to go with my clown costume from last year. But I didn't know what Borky was going to be until I got up there. Turns out he decided to go as Alan from the movie "The Hangover". It took Borky about 5 minutes to get his costume together. As I was putting on my makeup I was so mad, because Borky easily had the best costume. I even said to Borky, "I don't even want to go to the party any more. We are going to walk into the party and everyone is going to say 'Borky sweet costume. Oh and you brought a stupid clown with you. That is real original. Come on Borky, let's do a shot. Hey clown, the beer is in the back. Try not to touch anything."
Here is Liz, getting Alan ready for his big night.I think Borky had the best costume that I saw all weekend. I will be having a costume contest. Winner gets an Oakland Gyro, extra pita, and a large rootbeer. Send your pictures to my email address: mitch_kumstean@yahoo.com You have one week to get your entries in.Here I am at the party Friday night with Borky and K-Mart. Saturday night, Doug and Liquid had a party. We took a cab there and I was riding shotgun. On the ride I told the cab drive that if he got the cab going 100 mph I would through an extra $20 on to the tip. He didn't go for it. But one of these days, I will run across a cab driver who will accept my offer. Here I am with Marty. I haven't seen Marty in a while, I was pretty happy to see him.Here I am with Flo.All of the girls at the party Saturday night.Sunday I stayed with K.O. and Trooper. This is their house all decorated for the holiday. Krum also stopped by. I logged 10 hours on their couch watching football with them.Monday was Andrea's funeral. It was a pretty tough day. Josh and Amy along with 3 of their 6 kids were there. It was good to see them. After the service I was in bathroom and both Josh and Nate followed behind. As I was using the urinal, Josh and his son, Osbourne, were in the stall and I heard, "Oh no, buddy." Then a splash. Osbourne had dropped a matchbox car into the toilet. Josh opened the door, rolled up his sleeve and then said, "I am going in." Of course I had to grab a shot of it.It was a good weekend, but still somber with Andrea's passing. I wanted to thank a number of people. The Borkys, Doug, Liquid, K.O. and Trooper for letting me crash at their houses. Also thanks to Nate and Michel for giving me a ride home on Monday.

Wednesday, November 03, 2010


Just last week, my friend, Andrea, passed away. A little over a year ago, she learned that she had cancer. Since that time, she endured a number of surgeries, as well as two rounds of chemotherapy. But she finally lost her battle with the disease last Thursday at the age of 38.
I met Andrea though Borky and that had to be at least 8 or 9 years ago. I think my strongest emotion upon hearing of Andrea's passing is anger. Life is not fair, and losing Andrea is a prime example. People throw around the term of someone being a "good person". But Andrea truly was a good person. She was caring considerate, responsible and always positive. I don't think I have even heard her swear.
I think one of my favorite stories about Andrea happened at Alpine Valley during a Jimmy Buffet concert. We had grass seats, but as I always do, I would be sneaking into the reserve seats section. Lynn and Andrea came with me. I was pretty shocked that Andrea would even attempt doing such a thing. But she did. She even said to me "Wow, it is way more fun than sitting in the grass seats."
I was at the funeral on Monday and the hardest part of the service was listening to an open letter written by Andrea's father. My deep sympathy goes out to her family and friends as they deal with the unfair and devastating lost of such a wonderful person.