Thursday, September 27, 2007

Mike Kicking Ass

I would like to add one last thing to the Packer game this past Sunday. At the end of Sunday night, after the game, I went downtown Appleton with Chris and Rebecca to grab something to eat. As we were walking back to my place we met a guy from San Diego. As we left him, I told him to say hi to Ron Burgandy for me. You know from Anchorman. This brought severe dissapointment over me. I wish I had used more Anchorman lines while I was at the game. Particularily right after the game as I was celebrating. How great would it have been to be yelling after the game, "I am Ron Burgandy, go F'yourself San Diego!!"

Well on to my weekend that will be. Not much is planned for tonight. I know I have said that before, but it is true tonight. Saturday I am headed to LaCrosse for Mike's football game. This should yeild more pictures of Mike Kicking Ass. According to your voting, that is what my readers want anyhow. So to tide you over until I can get you more up to date pictures on Monday. Here are more from Mike's game against Lakeland.

Mike Kicking Ass

Sugar Lips, This one goes out to you. During the summer back when I was in college I was living at home. I was out one weekend with The General, Bubs and Sugar Lips. I am not sure if anyone else was with us. We were just out driving around and pulled into the Kiltie in Oconomowoc. It is an old fashioned drive up restaurant. But when we pulled in, we realized that there was a car show going on. I parked the Pontiac 6000 I was driving in between two old 50's hot rods that just glared with polished chrome all over. I parked the car, released the latch and popped open the car hood. Most of the other cars parked there had their hoods open so I did too. It was quite the site. Just a year or two ago, I went to a wedding with Chris, Rebecca and Vanessa. We stopped at a strip mall to pick up a card and we noticed that there was a car show in the process. I talked Rebecca to parking over by the car show. Then I insisted that she pop the hood. Which Rebecca reluctantly did. I actually have a picture of Rebecca looking into the engine of her Toyota Camry with the other hot rods in the back ground. I would like to show you the picture, but you would rather see Mike. So here is Mike Kicking Ass.

Wednesday, September 26, 2007

History Made

Last night I went to the Brewer Game with my old roommate, Mark, and his wife and brother. There is still a chance the Brewers could make the playoffs. You never know with the Cubs. I have seen them make bigger chokes. Plus I got to see history. Prince Fielder hit his 50th home run. The youngest player to ever hit that mark. That record could stand for a very long time. Not to mention Sunday at the Packer game I got to see Brett Favre throw is record tying 420 touchdown. I have seen some pretty cool stuff the last couple days. Most of the crowd last night was scoreboard watching until the Cubs game was over. When that game went final and the Cubs lost there was quite the uproar in the stadium. Bubs, if the Brewers are still in it by Saturday, Miller Park will be electric. Back to this game, it was great to see everyone who hit a home run getting called back out for a curtain call. In fact I got a picture of Prince Fielder when he came back out for his curtain call after his record 50th home run. I would like to show it to you, but you would rather see Mike. So here is Mike.

Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Mike Kicking Ass

I just want to reply to some comments about the change in format of my blog. I really do appreciate my readers. It is pretty hard to come up with new crap to write about. But I when people would rather see pictures of Mike Kicking Ass than the highlights of my life, that bothers me. No offense to you Mike. I realize that some people might have voted for Mike as a joke. But if you wanted to be funny, why not vote for more pictures of me in the shower. I will eventually get back to more pictures of my life eventually, but I am going to punish my readers with more pictures of Mike for a while. Mike, I realize you were just looking for some publicity, and I don't have a problem with that. If you read past postings, you will see that I have put your pictures up, I have told people to go to your games, and I even have a link to you schedule. So you are getting more publicity than nearly anyone else associated with my blog. I know that people were giving me a hard time. I can handle it. If you have ever been to the Freeman Party, and watched the games, you know that I can handle people giving me a hard time. Sugar Lips, I will get to the Kiltie story, maybe tomorrow. So here is your picture.

Monday, September 24, 2007

Mike Kicking Ass

I am highly surprised and disappointed in my readers. The results are in from the last poll and I am shocked to find that you would rather see pictures of Mike "Kicking Ass" than pictures of me and my life. I am guessing this is most likely because Mike voted for himself every day. But until I hear an outcry for more pictures of my life, I will just post pictures of Mike "Kicking Ass" because that is what you, my readers want. But before I get to Mike "Kicking Ass" let me give you a quick run down of my weekend.

Thursday night I went to Madison and I grabbed something to eat with Joe and stayed at his place. Joe, again, thanks for letting me crash there. Friday was my conference. If wasn't too bad, but I can think of a number of other things I would rather do. Friday night, I took my cousin Kim out to dinner at a Irish Pub by the Capital. Kim also gave me everyone else's pictures from the Eagle River trip with the Shermans. I would like to show you those pictures, but again as you voted, you just want pictures of Mike "Kicking Ass". Later Friday night I met Jay and Joe at the bar that Shelly works at. We had a couple drinks and watched the Brewers win. Then I drove to Wales and stayed at Jon and Julie's place. Saturday was a long but fun day. I was up pretty early and got a run in. Then I began my onslaught of kid's games. I went to Ethan's soccer game at 9:00 a.m., Abbigail's soccer game at 11:30 a.m., and Jared's flag football game at 1:00 p.m. That is a lot of games. Ethan won and scored 4 goals. Abbigail won and scored a goal. Jared won (at least I am pretty sure he did) and scored a touchdown. I would like to post pictures from that game, but again the readers have voted just to see pictures of Mike "Kicking Ass". After all of the games, I went to my parent's house for their summer party. As always my parent's put out a great spread. The highlight of the party for me was while I was launching rockets with the kids. I was preparing the rocket for a launch Tree came up with the idea to put a piece of my dad's summer sausage inside the rocket. Shortly before launch I was able to get all of the kids chanting "Sausage Rocket!!! Sausage Rocket!!" This is probably the only scenario in which I can I get kids to yell that without getting in trouble. I also got in a game of Ghost in the Graveyard with the kids at the end of the night. Thank you to my parents for putting on the party. Everyone I talked to had a great time. I left the party early with my friends Chris and Rebecca to drive up to Appleton. Sunday morning Chris, Rebecca and I went to the Packer game. As we were walking into the game I see this tall dork in a Brett Farve Atlanta Falcons jersey with his hand up in the air looking for two tickets. Who else could it be but Browny. What a treat to see Browny. Unfortunately I only got to talk to him for maybe a minute as Browny was on a mission to find some tickets. The game itself was great. I am sure their have been better games, the 48-47 Monday night game, Chris Jacke's 53 yard field goal game, or when the Packers beat the 49ers the first time in San Francisco all come to mind. But this was by far the best game I have ever been to. A come from behind win in the closing minutes. Just great. Our seats were great, 45th row on the 40 yard line. Again I have great pictures, but you people don't want to see them. It was only the second time I have seen the Packers win in person. Shortly after sitting down in my seat, I just looked over the stadium and marveled at how great it is to be at a Packer game. I love how the entire crowd is near silent just before and after the snap of the ball with anticipation. I just had a great time at the game. A quick side note, Browny wasn't able to get into the game. He got no closer that 2 tickets for $350. A little steep. After the game while I was out the parking lot giving everyone I could see a high five, I bumped into Basketball Dave. I haven't seen Basketball Dave in three or four years and it was great to see him. I was excited to see him and jumping up and down. His wife was their and insisted that I didn't jump up and down by Dave, because the last time I did that, I broke Dave's ankle. Tree, I have his number and I will email it to you, they are still playing basketball on Tuesdays. We ended up going to a couple different bars and ended up at one with Karyoke. Of course I had to get my name in. I grabbed the cordless mic and as I was singing, I jumped from the stage, onto the pool table, to a bar table and finally made my way up on top of the bar. I got yelled at for being on the bar, but finished my song. Chris, Rebecca and I ended the night back in Appleton where we hit one more bar before calling it a night. A big thanks to Chris' mom, Jody, for inviting me along to the game. Another great weekend for me. It would be great to share the pictures with you, but as mentioned earlier, you, my readers, do not want to see them. But their is good news. This next weekend I am going to Mike's game, so I should have plenty of pictures of Mike kicking ass. Until then, here he is at an earlier game against Lakeland.

Thursday, September 20, 2007

Weekend Plans

As you know, my life pretty much just revolves around my weekends. My weeks are pretty, check that, my weeks are very boring. Tonight I am headed down to Madison. I have a ASCE annual conference to go to all day Friday. That is American Society of Civil Engineers. Can you think of anything more boring than a room full of engineers. Should be a blast. I will be staying with my old roommate, Joe, tonight. Tomorrow after they wake me up at the end of the conference, I am grabbing something to eat with my cousin, Kim. I told Kim when she first went to college, that anytime I am in town that I would buy her dinner. I told her brother, Mike, the same thing. But I really haven't been to Whitewater very often. Saturday morning I am going to my niece, Abbigail's, soccer game. Saturday afternoon, my parents are having their end of summer party. The main reason for this year's party is that my father turned 70 earlier this month. That means he has to do 70 shots on Saturday. Make sure you show up to see that. Saturday night after my dad does his 70th shot, I am headed back up to Appleton because Sunday I am going to the Packer game with my friends, Chris and Rebecca. Although I think the gorilla suit is going to stay at home for this game. So that is my big weekend. I hope to get a picture of a girl passed out on the ground again this weekend. I hope my readers have a good weekend and look for pictures on Monday.

Monday, September 17, 2007

Mike is Kicking Ass

My cousin, Mike, who plays football for the University of Wisconsin Whitewater has invited me to get, and I quote:
"Good pictures at any warhawk football games. Especially of #73 kicking ass at left tackle."

Kicking Ass??? Is Mike planning ahead for a career in the ice cream industry?

So as always, when I am faced with a difficult decision I put a poll up on my blog and I let my 12 readers that vote decide what I do. Here you go:

Who would you rather see pictures of?
Mike (#73) "kicking ass"
Me acting like an idiot
Do you have any more pictures of you in the shower?
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Weekend Update

If you read my blog last Friday, you would have been under the impression that I was going to have a very boring weekend. But things changed rather rapidly. At 3 in the afternoon my brother in law, Tim, called me and said that he had an extra ticket to the Badger Game. Every year, Tim goes with his buddy, Todd, on a bus to the Badger game. Todd had to back out at the last minute and the ticket was already paid for. I had no choice but to go. Knowing that I was going to the Badger game, I called my cousin, Kim who goes to school at Madison, I called Kim to see if she was going to the game. She said yes, but that Friday night she was going to the Brewer Game. I was then calling around to see who might be around Friday night. Nate called me back and said that he was working, but had some extra tickets that were already paid for. I had no choice but to go. Nate ended up meeting me in the seats and I got to watch the last 5 innings with Nate. Which was a good thing, because since he was sick the entire weekend we were camping, I really didn't get much of a chance to talk with him. Here are the pictures from the weekend. As I showed up in the parking lot at Miller Park before the game, the Sherman's were in full party mode. Jake even brought his beer bong. When I got there, I did a double beer bong right away. The beer was still cold and it was the first beer I had had in a week. This is not the right way to begin your night of drinking. I nearly refunded those beers. Here is Kim before her fourth beer bong of her life.Justin, Jake and Kim. Tim had called me back and mentioned that there was also another ticket available for the Badger game. I quickly started twisting Justin's wrist to get him to come along. I will be honest, it didn't take a lot of twisting to get Justin to go.After the Brewer game, in which they lost, we got a group photo. I still say that they should have caught that double by Adam Dunn in the 8th. A poor effort on that play in my opinion.Tim told me to bring my beer bong along for the tailgate party. Here I am showing the kids how it is done.I forget this girls name. But she a bit of a rock star. She was partying pretty hard before the game and was visibly intoxicated. She saw me with the beer bong and slurred out the words that she wanted to do one. To which her boyfriend objected her doing one. She was upset with his disapproval of her drinking more and retorted back with "Listen, Faggot!!! I will drink as much as I want!!!" Easily the funniest thing I heard prior to the game.Even Tim go into the drinking a beer bong. My buddy, Joe, showed up by us for a beer or two. We had got to talking and he reminded me of one of my less bright moments at a Badger game. We were at a bar near Camp Randall after the game, and I think this was the night that we went to see Matthew Sweet play at a bar close to downtown. Joe and I didn't want to walk downtown and couldn't find a cab. I decided it would just be a good idea to run out into traffic and jump on car hoods until one finally stopped and gave us a ride. Oddly enough it only took two cars before we got a ride. Still not very smart.At half time Justin and I called Kim and Jake who were sitting in the student section. Kim told me that they had a couple of open seats next to them and they ended up sneaking us into the student section. This was the first Badger Game that I have actually been inside the stadium for in at least 3 or 4 years. And getting into the student section is always more fun than any other section. Since this was Justin's first ever Badger Game, I was happy to help get him into the student section as well. It helped to round out the total Badger Game experience.Here is Justin in the student section.Jake (a.k.a. Tom Brady, because I think Jake looks like Tom Brady), and Kim in the student section.After the game we went back to the bus where they were grilling out. I happened to notice this girl in the middle of our tailgate party. She was apparently the niece of someone who was on the bus. I saw her past out and had to go and take a picture of her. She looks like she had just fallen off a building. But being the good person that I am, I was the one who got her up off of the ground and into a chair between two buses to pass out.Earlier this summer I was up in Eagle River with the Sherman's and I took this picture. You can see Jake (Tom Brady) in the back ground. I like to call this the Tom Brady for President Pose. So with this girl passed out, I made everyone do the Tom Brady for President Pose with her. Here is Justin. Look at how happy Justin is.Shockingly this is not the first time I have taken advantage of someone in a alcohol induced coma.Even Kim got in on the act.Even though we were taking pictures of this girl, please remember, I was the one who got her up off of the ground and then helped carry her to a waiting car. Not flexing.Look you can tell she is even smiling. And then there is Tim taking a nap on the bus on the ride home. I am sure we won't see this on the Christmas DVD.For a weekend that held very little promise of being exciting it was a lot of fun. I got to see both the Brewers and the Badgers for free. Admittedly I was rather spent when we got back from the Badger Game and I headed straight to Appleton. I spent all of Sunday on the couch watching football. I have a lot of thank yous to people for making my weekend as much fun as it was. Tim, for getting me a ticket to the Badgers. Nate, for tickets to the Brewers. Michel, for letting Nate watch the game with me. Preston, for again letting me crash at his place. The Shermans, for letting me tailgate with them. Joe, for showing up at tailgate party. Kim and Jake for getting me in the student section. Justin, for going to the Badger game. I think that is all, but if I missed someone I am sure they will leave a message.

Friday, September 14, 2007

Weekend Plans

Well I don't have much for you. I am planning on staying in Appleton this weekend. Which means I will probably spend the majority of my weekend in my condo watching football. You can expect to see some great pictures Monday of me, doing laundry, washing dishes, laying on the couch, etc. But the good news for you my readers is that I do have plans the for the next month and a half, so their is excitement on the horizon.

Plus I am out of my old pictures and my pictures of the day. So I don't have anything worth while to post. I guess this means I am out of material. That being said, I have again been confronted by someone who can't believe that they weren't mentioned on my blog. Here is your chance, leave me a comment about a story involving you, and I will write it up.

Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Nitrous Oxide

When I was in college, I needed to have my lower wisdom teeth removed. I drove myself to the appointment. And as I sat in the chair breathing in the Nitrous, two things raced through my mind. One: this stuff is great, and I tried to breath in as much as I could. Two: How am I going to get home? They finished up with ripping out my teeth. And gave me a prescription for pain killers. As I was walking out, they asked if I had a ride. I said "Sure, my mom is waiting for me down in the parking lot." I got in the car and drove to the drug store and picked up my drugs and then went home. I recall on the drive home, thinking "Should I really be driving?" then thinking "Who the hell cares? I feel great!" I got home and went to bed. That night I actually played in a league basketball game. Sure I was in a little bit of pain but you can't let the team down. During the game I was going for a rebound and took an elbow to the jaw. Immediately my mouth filled with blood. I just swallowed it all down. I know, pretty disgusting.

This also reminds me of the time my sister in law, Julie, got her wisdom teeth removed. I forget when it was that she had them removed, but for some reason I wasn't working and agreed to pick her up after her appointment. When I showed up, Julie was still all looped up. The dentist gave me her prescription for pain killers and explained a couple things to me. I don't recall really saying much more then "Yes." "O.K." and "Thank you." But to Julie it must have sounded like I was joking around because she explained to her dentist at least 3 or 4 times, "He is my brother in law, he is just a goofball, don't listen to him."

Tuesday, September 11, 2007


As I have mentioned lately I have a number of issues. My clothes stink especially after I work out. My baseball hats smell pretty bad. And now in looking back, during my college days I neglected my teeth a little too much. I still don't think my teeth are that bad. But I went to the dentist for a cleaning yesterday. Going in, I knew that I had a bit of a hole between two of my molars and I also knew that I had part of a filling fall out. I got my teeth cleaned and had to make two appointments, one to fix the hole and one to fix the filling. As I was leaving and making my next appointments, they mentioned to me that they had a cancellation and I could take the spot if I wanted. I ended up being at the dentist for 2 hours. Not really as much fun as I had expected. Here are three quotes I heard while I was having my dental work done.
"Did you say 110% over bite?" Said by the assistant as the orthodontist gave me my cleaning exam.

"Is that a crack?" Asked the assistant referring to one of my molars while they were fixing the hole.

"That doesn't bother you?" The dentist asked me about the tooth that I chipped back when I had my rollerblading accident. Apparently the dentist didn't do all that great of a job repairing that tooth 13 years ago.

Monday, September 10, 2007

Camping on the Mississippi

This past weekend was my camping weekend. I used to camp a little more often, maybe three or four times a year. But that has changed and now I only get in one camping trip. But it is my favorite camping trip. We camp out on an island in the Mississippi River near Trempealeau. Nate normally organizes this trip. This year we had Nate, Eric, Borky, Schoen, Jota, Tim, Bob, Ryan Miller, Doug, Ross and myself. We all felt bad for Nate, he organized the whole trip, but ended up getting whatever his son had and was sick nearly the entire weekend. Nate met Ryan and I at the boat launch Friday afternoon. When we got to the island, he just laid down to rest. Basically all of Friday night, and most of Saturday, Nate was either sleeping, puking or going to the can. Here we are taking advantage of Nate's illness and condition.We tried to get a couple of kites to fly Friday night, but all we managed to do was get them caught in the trees. Here is Ryan trying to get a kite out of a tree. Nice work by Ryan with a fairly athletic move of riding down the tree.

Here is Borky flexing after hitting a couple golf balls. Here is Doug taking a poke at a barge with a golf ball as it drove past. I don't think it was this barge, but Doug was able to hit another one with one of his drives. We also launched a couple potatoes at the barges, with a potato launcher but never really got very close. Saturday afternoon, to get some exercise I swam across the channel to the other side. Apparently Eric took a couple swings and nearly hit me as I swam across.
When we got to the island, we quickly noticed a hornet's nest in the tree. Friday night, Bob eventually climbed the tree, poured gas on the nest, then lit the nest on fire with a torch. Here is the Hindenburg like picture of the hornet's nest going up in flames. Here is Bob in the tree setting fire to the hornets nest.

Friday night Tim and Bob lined up a number of bottle rockets (kid burners) to set off with torches. As you can see they must have lit off 200 or 300.
Here is an action photo of the bottle rockets going off. I think I got his at least 3 or 4 times while taking pictures.
Here is Jota Saturday afternoon after jumping in the river. Jota sported the underwear look for a good share of the afternoon.
Saturday in the late afternoon Nate was feeling a little better. He sat down and made a homemade rocket. Here it is before launch.
Here is the launch in a movie format. My camera work isn't the greatest. As soon as the rocket goes in the air, the camera is aimed at the sand. I did better on the next one.
Since all we really did on the camping trip was eat, hit golf balls, launch potatoes, lit fireworks and drink beer. I wanted to build a beer tower out of the cans of beer on the island. This was what I had constructed by Saturday afternoon. I sort of gave up after that, but I would estimate it at 8 feet tall.
Saturday night is always tenderloin on the grill. Here is Tim serving up the meat.
Saturday night we had a decent fire, you can see here the campfire and then behind a cardboard tube stuffed with newspaper that we got to lit up like a torch.Sunday morning we all packed up to head back home. After having his tent all packed up, Eric realized that he left his wallet and car keys inside his tent, so here is Eric unpacking his tent.

Thursday, September 06, 2007

Packer Contest

I was listening the radio this morning and the hosts were asking their guest what they thought the Packers record would be at the end of the season. This gave me an idea, I want to give my readers a chance to post in a comment what they think the Packers record will be at the end of the season. And I am going to spice it up a little bit. Whomever guesses the correct record at the end of the season will win a meal (not a bowl of soup) at Oakland Gyros on me. What a prize. To be honest, I only see Preston and Borky actually leaving a comment. But that is fine. Let me go through the schedule week by week.

Week 1 Philadelphia
First game of the season at home, it will be close, but (LOSE)

Week 2 at NY Giants
I don't see it happening. (LOSE)

Week 3 San Diego (A whale's vagina)
Home against LT, he scores 3 TDs (LOSE)

Week 4 at Minnesota
Brett isn't afraid of the dome anymore (WIN)

Week 5 Chicago
Chicago can't put together to winning seasons in a row (WIN)

Week 6 Washington
Washington stinks (WIN)

Week 7 Bye

Week 8 at Denver
They lost the last time they were there, this time (WIN)

Week 9 at Kansas City
Kansas City has no QB, but that is hard place to play (LOSE)

Week 10 Minnesota
Minnesota stinks and Borky knows it (WIN)

Week 11 Carolina
Carolina at Lambeau home, I like it (WIN)

Week 12 at Detroit
Too many WR (WIN)

Week 13 at Dallas
Have the Packers ever won in Dallas? (LOSE)

Week 14 Oakland
Oakland in Green Bay in December (WIN)

Week 15 at St Louis
Bulger and Jackson are too much (LOSE)

Week 16 at Chicago
Chicago's defense scores twice (LOSE)

Week 17 Detroit
It is too cold for the Lions (WIN)

Add it up that is 9-7.

Fantasy Football

This is going to be the most insignificant posting to most of you. I am going to talk about football and even more boring, fantasy football. I am in two fantasy football leagues. First I am in a 10 man league. I have had this league for 5 years now. Of which I am the reigning Super Bowl Champion. And possibly the more exciting league is my 4 man league. This was my own brainchild. It started two years ago. First it was a 2 man league, between me and The General. I just liked this league because I could complain to people how my team lost and then I would list all of my players and people wouldn't be able to believe that I lost. The next year, it was me and Borky. And not this year, it is me, Borky, Myra and Myra's roommate, Shane. So let me bore you with who is on my team.

My 10 man league:
QB Philip Rivers
QB Alex Smith
RB Larry Johnson
RB Maurice Jones-Drew
RB Tatum Bell
RB Mike Bell (Because you can never have enough Bells)
RB DeAngelo Williams
WR T.J. Houshmandzadeh
WR Marques Colston
WR Donte' Stallworth
WR Calvin Johnson
WR Mark Clayton
TE Antonio Gates
K Neil Rackers
DEF Pittsburgh
IDP Jonathan Vilma

Now for my 4 man league:
QB Matt Leinart
QB Philip Rivers
QB Donovan McNabb
RB Steven Jackson
RB Larry Johnson
RB Willis McGahee
RB Willie Parker
RB Travis Henry
WR Steve Smith
WR Anquan Boldin
WR T.J. Houshmandzadeh
WR Marques Colston
WR Andre Johnson
TE Tony Gonzalez
K Nate Kaeding
DEF New England

I know that is quite a team. Are you all bored?

Wednesday, September 05, 2007

Picture of the Day

Here is your picture of the day. This was taken on Christmas day this last year. For a while it has been tradition that after I finish celebrating Christmas with my family, I travel over to the Krumrich's to get in a little ping pong. This past year, it was doubles, me and Krum against Diceman and JFK. Krum and I got out to a slow start but as memory serves we made a furious come back to win the serious. Here is the post match team photo, Diceman, me, JFK and Krum

Tuesday, September 04, 2007

Weekend Update

It was a pretty busy weekend for me. Let me just get to the pictures. Friday on my way home from Appleton, I stopped by Children's Hospital to lift the spirits of my niece, Erin, who had fallen off of a table and broke her arm in three places. I did manage to get her to smile for this picture. She had a couple rough days, but I saw her yesterday and she appeared to be doing fine.
Friday night I went out to dinner with my uncle Walt, aunt Charlie, aunt Marilyn, mom, uncle Dave, and my dad. We went to Water Street Brewery for a fish fry, my cousin, Kim, was working her last night of serving there before she headed back to Madison for school.
Saturday I went to my cousin, Mike's, football game. He plays for Whitewater and they kicked the crap out of Lakeland College, 41-7. Here is my uncle Dave, with a couple of bloody mary's tailgating before the game.Here is Mike in action. He is the starting left tackle. You can see him here with a kick out block. I don't know Mike, I think I see a little bit of holding with your right arm.After the football game, I stopped by my brother, Dan, to watch some more college football. Here is his son, Josh.
Saturday night while I was watching football with Dan, his wife, Jody, came home with tickets for the Brewer game on Sunday. We quickly talked her into staying home with the kids rather than going to the game. This freed up a ticket for me. Here I am tailgating before the game. I took off my shirt because it was hot and Tree likes it. I am shootgunning a beer here with my brother in law, Tim. I easily won.
Nate and Michel were also at the game with a big group. I met them in the parking lot. And here is our group picture. Here is your mother of the year photo. Michel pushing her son, Elery, while drinking wine. Call Social Services.
It was really hot in the sun. So for the first three innings of the game I sat with Nate and Michel's group. When the shadows finally hit the seats that Dan had I headed down there. They were great seats, 14 rows behind the visitors dugout. Here is Prince Fielder just after hitting a home run. I was a little disappointed in myself, because I have a similar picture of Ryan Braun, but it is about a half a second too soon.
Prince crossing the plate.After the game I had to go and get a picture with "The Doorman". If you watch the Brewers at all, he is the guy who is always in the picture when they show the batters. He has seats right by the entrance to the visitor's dugout. I talked to him a little bit and told him that he is the Brewer equivalent to Freeway for the Bucks.After the Brewers game I headed out to Sun Prairie. My old roommate, Joe, had a golf outing in the morning and then a cookout afterwards. Here is Jota.
The Stegall family showed up later and The General's son, Topher was the most popular person there. Here is Melon with Topher.
Joe and Topher.
Roman with his angry face. Is this going to be Roman's Christmas card this year? Here is Jota's wife, Shelly, sporting my Elvis glasses.
At the end of the night, the host, Joe, is just to tired to play Nintendo Wii. It was the first time I got to play the addicting game. I found it pretty frustrating, yet fun.
And then to round out my weekend, I had my fantasy football draft Monday afternoon. I can't foresee how I don't only retain my Super Bowl Championship, but also win the regular season. I had a posting a couple months ago about my favorite day of the year. Well I can say that so far this was one of my best weekends of the year. I was constantly on the move and I had a lot going on. A couple of thank yous to a number of people. The Shermans, for inviting me out for fish and to Mike's game, as well as the cookies. Although Kim, the CDs you gave with Eagle River pictures on them were blank. Jody, for not going to the Brewer game with the kids and allowing me to have a ticket. Nate and Michel for letting me sit with your group for a while. Bubs and Joe, for letting me crash at your places. Deb for allowing us to have the draft at your house. And lastly I would like to thank Tree and The General for absolutely nothing, you are both worthless.